East Franklin Capital, LLC is a Fiduciary Registered Investment Advisory firm focused on intelligent, customized investment management.

Intelligent investing for non-investment professionals

Whether a doctor, professor, entrepreneur, tech, or healthcare executive, our clients are intelligent, high-performing professionals who have spent a lifetime committed to learning and continually sharpening their professional skills.

What we do

No two clients share identical financial goals, so the advice and investments they each require should vary. We work closely with our clients to understand their priorities and develop a roadmap to achieving their goals. Because each client is different, so are the custom investments and tailored advice they receive.

Custom Investment Management

Dynamic portfolios crafted for your specific investment needs, where your input matters.

Custom Investment Management

Dynamic portfolios crafted for your specific investment needs, where your input matters.
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Tailored Financial Advice

Learn how East Franklin Capital can help you achieve your investment goals.

Tailored Financial Advice

A financial advisor is not just someone who helps with investments
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We work with Executives and Entrepreneurs. Academics and Doctors. Soon-to-be-Retirees and New Families. Yet, more than any profession or stage of life, our clients share a common perspective on finances and life:

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What We Provide

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Meet & discuss a more intelligent way to invest

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Passion is what drives us

Serving our clients’ best interests

What we do

Each of our clients is unique and we tailor our services to the clients needs and goals utilizing our values, experiences, and approach to every client relationship.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you are invested in a way that helps you achieve your goals

Developing Goals

Our priority is to understand your goals and help you refine them. Once we know where you want to get, we help you develop a roadmap to get there

Customized Investments

Your goals, your tolerance for risk and your investment horizon should dictate your investment strategy

Open Communication

As all of our clients have experienced, we believe in consistent, frequent communication... and accountability
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Reliable and Competent

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