Our Philosophy

At East Franklin Capital, our philosophy is quite simple – we constantly ask ourselves, “is this best for the client?”

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absolute transparency


Absolute transparency and accessibility are top priorities for how we interact with clients. We encourage frequent formal and informal engagement as we understand this level of care fosters trust and peace of mind.

vast array of knowledge


We strive to be our clients’ first point of contact on all matters impacting their financial pictures, regardless of whether that impact occurs in or out of their investment portfolios. Our knowledge on a vast array of topics is deep and certain to be unbiased, all with the focus of serving our clients’ best interests.

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safe and optimal


As is true with all other financial advisors, we possess the same inability to predict exactly where the market is heading, but we generally agree that global equity markets trend upward over any substantial period. This alone is usually sufficient for most advisors to give the blanket “stay the course” advice, especially when markets are experiencing turbulence. “Stay the course” is also good advice if your advisor is looking to spend less time actually thinking about your investments and more time on the golf course. Because this advice is safe and requires little mental energy, it has not only become the status quo, but in some views, it is the “best” advice.

Our Mission

Our clients deserve our honest and best effort, and this is how we deliver.

East Franklin Capital’s view is that with a little bit of effort (not saying this is easy, but we have done the required legwork), we are in fact able to do more than just “stay the course”. For example, by becoming experts in options, a tool that every other advisor has access to, but most choose not to use, we can add a strong element of control back into our clients’ portfolios. Whether a client is a retiree looking for highly defensive income, a young couple looking for market growth with less than market risk, or an aggressive investor looking for a customized alternative without all the red tape, we can structure a customized solution by leveraging our option expertise.