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At East Franklin Capital, we have developed a team and leverage external expertise to give clients great service, great outcomes and peace of mind that goals are understood.

East Franklin Capital’s view is that with a little bit of effort (not saying this is easy, but we have done the required legwork), we are in fact able to do more than just “stay the course”. For example, by becoming experts in options, a tool that every other advisor has access to, but most choose not to use, we can add a strong element of control back into our clients’ portfolios.

Whether a client is a retiree looking for highly defensive income, a young couple looking for market growth with less than market risk, or an aggressive investor looking for a customized alternative without all the red tape, we can structure a customized solution by leveraging our option expertise.

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Matt Pohlman

Matt has been providing financial advice to clients for almost 20 years, helping families and businesses manage wealth and assets to meet their long term financial goals. And, while he may have less hair, Matt continues to advise clients in much the same way as he did when he started: with transparency, integrity and discipline.

Before founding East Franklin Capital (formerly Pohlman Capital Advisors), Matt worked as a wealth advisor at GenSpring Family Offices, where he was responsible for advising high net worth clients on a variety of investment and planning matters. Matt was the founding advisor in the GenSpring Chapel Hill office.

Prior to his time with GenSpring Family Offices, Matt managed the Family Office for Franklin Street Partners and held the position of Director of Client Services. Matt served on the Management Committee at Franklin Street Partners. During his time at both Franklin Street Partners and GenSpring Family Offices, Matt worked with families, guiding and advising them through significant investment and financial decisions focused at all times on the goals and objectives each client set out to achieve. Before his start in the investment advisory world, Matt helped companies put their financial house in order. Now, he works with family and businesses to pursue their goals and provide peace of mind.

Matt has been a North Carolina CPA since 2003 and received a Master’s in Accounting from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was a Harris Scholar, and a BSBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Let Matt help you with a financial goal and investment assessment

Our clients deserve our honest and best effort, and this is how we deliver.