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We are different than other firms in many regards

Our clients come to us because they are looking for something better than what they are getting with their current advisor, or, they realize that going it alone is either inefficient, distracting, or both! We are different than other firms in many regards, and our client experience validates those differences.

We understand the importance of being accessible to our clients – no layers of staff or gatekeepers. We focus on listening closely and then providing advice that is specific to the needs and goals of each client.

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We believe in transparency to our core

All of our clients get our full and complete attention and thoughtful advice on the topic that is most important to them. For example, one month our client meeting may focus on tax planning and cash flow management while the next month may center around portfolio performance and asset allocation. We work on these topics all the time – but they may not always make the cut of importance for a client meeting.

Possibly the most important characteristic of East Franklin Capital is that we believe in transparency to our core. That means each clients has a complete view and understanding of their investments and why they are invested the way they are, the fees they pay and our advice on any number of topics. Clients will get performance and asset allocation reports – and a related and timely discussion – that show them exactly where they stand relative to their goals.

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this is how we deliver

Let Matt and Luke help you with a financial goal and investment assessment

Our clients deserve our honest and best effort, and this is how we deliver.